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Aldahiri Aviation Support Services (ADASS) is a fast growing company located in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia actively involved in aviation and industrial trading for the Saudi Arabian and GCC markets.
ADASS supplies aviation support equipments and solutions with strict quality and environmental control requirements through co-operation of largest manufactures in the world.
Trading activities involve products from esteemed international suppliers represented by ADASS.
ADASS provide full support and services capabilities in aviation fields such as

  • Units Load Devices (ULD's).
  • Aircraft Food, Beverage and Waste Carts.
  • Aircraft Galley Equipments and Inserts.
  • Cargo Logistics and Handling.
  • Ground support Equipments.
  • Wood Treatment kiln and Industries Dehumidifiers.

We in Adass realize that various industries require a specialization that often requires a commodity specific knowledge which is our main concern

Now, Adass is moving full steam a-head with commitments to extend our range of services and to meet the ever-changing global requirements of the aviation services and support. Commitments that will ensure Adass remains not only the largest local experience but also the leading Aviation Company provide services and supports in the Region.