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Units Load Devices (ULD'S)

ADASS is an agent of Driessen Aircraft Galley and Cargo Equipments Manufactures which is one of the biggest manufactures in the world.

We offer high quality of ULD`s and Cargo Equipments at competitive prices with reliable design consideration to customer requirements, not to mention our maintenance program we make available for you to depend on. In essence, we offer you the best possible value of ownership.

Driessen engineering and certification departments assure that our ULD's products are designed to meet the ultimate airworthiness and customer requirements. We are authorized, by our license from the aviation authorities to deliver products with a FAA form 8130-3 or EASA form one.

The Driessen quality system meets the requirements of:

  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAR-21/FAR-145)
  • The European Aviation Safety Agency (Part-21/part-145)
  • Local Civil Aviation Authorities S.A. CAA Singapore.
  • Airbus (QSF-C)
  • Boeing (D6- 82479)
  • AS 9100,Rev.B
  • ISO 9001:2000

We at ADASS offer you value of Ownership through:

  • Light weight product
  • Proven design
  • Durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Repair all types of ULD in ADASS's in Jeddah repair station at very competitive prices.

ADASS offer you a wide range of containers, Cargo Containers and Pallets to meet your various operational requirements. Our ULD`s are of the highest quality to withstand the challenges of the daily operation.

To ensure the best performance we use high-grade alloys and reinforced extrusions in specific areas to provide the best protection to your Cargo Equipments.